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BJoel-fire.mp3 4.603.10.13 01:53:14Billy Joel FWe Didn't Start The F0:04:50128S44
Billy Joel - For The Longest 3.400.06.27 16:48:36Billy JoelFor The Longest Time0:03:37128S44
Timestoremember.mp3 4.802.10.19 17:15:21Billy JoelTimes To Remember0:05:01128S44
01.mp3 4.401.03.23 00:02:56Billy JoelKeeping The Faith0Greatest Hitshttp://englishsong.yeah.nethttp:0:04:39128S44
Stateofmind.mp3 1.402.10.21 17:19:58Billy JoelNY State Of Mind2002Robbyn Kirmsee And John MarchDemo only0:01:30128S44
BJ_ThisIsTheTime.mp3 5.802.02.01 01:21:07Billy JoelThis Is The Time
Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fir 4.697.10.22 17:00:00Billy JoelWe Didn't Start The Fire0:04:50128S44
Six Bugs And Billy Joel.mp3 05:50:02The Rugby MothersSix Bugs And Billy Joel1991Ugly0:02:16128S44
04.mp3 3.901.03.23 00:00:26Billy JoelBaby Grand0Greatest Hitshttp://englishsong.yeah.nethttp:0:04:06128S44
Piano Man.mp3 5.301.12.22 06:46:40Billy JoelPiano Man0:05:35128S44
Billy Joel.mp3 0.702.07.08 15:22:340:00:37160S44
BILLYJ~1.mp3 3.401.04.11 21:24:18Billy JoelLullabye0:03:34128S44
Bj-wdstf.mp3 4.601.08.06 03:53:16Billy JoelWe Didn't Start The Fire0:04:50128S44
Billy Joel - The River Of Dreams.mp3 3.900.07.12 18:45:48Billy JoelThe River Of Dreams0:04:06128S44
Billy_joel-goodnight_saigon.mp3 6.801.06.27 23:11:41Billy JoelGoodnight Saigon0:07:05128S44
Billy Joel - Up Town Girl.mp3 16:41:300:03:16128S44
Billy Joel - Just The Way You 3.402.06.14 21:07:350:03:36128S44
08.mp3 00:02:22Billy JoelI Go To Extremes0Greatest Hitshttp://englishsong.yeah.nethttp:0:04:24128S44
06.mp3 3.901.03.23 00:02:08Billy JoelLeningrad0Greatest Hitshttp://englishsong.yeah.nethttp:
Lullabye.mp3 3.403.08.04 00:46:02Billy JoelLullabye0:03:35128S44
Twoam1.mp3 0.502.06.25 19:52:11Two A.m. (org: Billy Joel)We Did'nt Start The Fire2002Two A.m.0:00:35128S44
Billy Joel- Piano Man.MP3 5.303.10.25 21:15:240:05:35128S44
03.mp3 00:01:22Billy JoelA Matter Of Trust0Greatest Hitshttp://englishsong.yeah.nethttp:0:04:12128S44
Just The Way You Are.mp3 3.302.11.19 02:59:28Billy JoelJust The Way You Are0:03:32128S44
Repartoire_Billy Joel - For The Long 3.503.03.24 18:04:19Billy JoelFor The Longest Time
Billy Joel - Summer, Highland Falls. 2.302.07.26 06:26:32Billy JoelBilly Joel - Summer, HighlandTurnstiles0:03:19 96S44
Piano Man-billy Joel.mp3 1.801.02.23 22:22:120:02:31 96M44
02.mp3 00:02:52Billy JoelAn Innocent Man0Greatest Hitshttp://englishsong.yeah.nethttp:0:05:19128S44
Billy Joel - Pianoman.mp3 5.300.10.31 20:22:10BillyJoelPianoman0:05:37128S44
Billy_joel-For_the_Longest_Time.mp3 3.499.11.02 18:00:00Billy JoelLongest Time19__0:03:37128S44
Billyjoeldidntstartthefire.mp3 4.603.05.28 04:23:14Billy Joel FWe Didn't Start T0:04:50128S44
Billy Joel - Just The Way You 2.302.11.28 08:41:2420020:04:53 64S22
Billy Joel - The Longest Time.MP3 18:00:000:03:36112S44
Billy Joel - And So It Goes.mp3 3.400.06.27 16:42:280:03:37128S44
Shesalways.mp3 00:18:25BillY Joel-Shes Allways A Wom1999Kuschelrock12 CD2-2, AG# 153495B00:03:17128S44
Big Shot_0920151506.mp3 3.802.10.28 16:44:53Billy JoelBig Shot52nd Street0:04:03128S44
TheStranger.mp3 3.602.04.03 18:07:27Billy JoelThe StrangerBilly Joel's Greatest Hits Vol0:05:07 96S44
Breezeblock - Still Rock And Roll - 2.803.08.03 22:47:340:02:55128S44
Billy Joel - Piano Man.mp3 5.303.09.03 04:04:170:05:35128S44
Billy Joel - Just The Way You Are.MP 3.400.06.27 16:43:000:03:35128S44
Its_Still_Rock_And_Roll_To_Me.mp3 3.502.04.19 13:20:51Billy JoelDon't Ask Me WhyGreatest Hits, Vol. II (1978 - 10:02:56160S44
Joel.mp3 1.903.03.24 23:30:30Scotch LogicBilly JoelScotch Logic
My_Life-Billy_Joel.mp3 4.603.05.14 18:12:340:04:52128S44
Billy Joel - River Of Dreams.mp3 3.902.05.02 21:27:34Billy JoelRiver Of Dreams1993River Of Dreams0:04:07128S44 4.602.10.09 01:54:09Billy JoelJust The Way You Are0:04:52128S44
My_Life-Billy_Joel.mp3 4.603.05.14 18:12:340:04:52128S44
Billy Joel - She's Always2.mp3 16:13:36Billy Joel oShe's Always A Wo0:03:21128S44
Merry_christmas_usa.mp3 2.999.09.12 03:29:28Billy JoelMerry Christmas USA1999
05.mp3 4.801.03.23 00:02:50Billy JoelThis Is The Rain0Greatest Hitshttp://englishsong.yeah.nethttp:0:05:01128S44
Rootbeer_rag-96.mp3 0.502.11.14 22:41:24Billy Joel/Anna DagmarRoot Beer Rag20010:00:49 96S44

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