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11-13-03 Parenting Seminar Week 04 ( 10:12:47ArtistParenting Sem. #4 11-13-03Album1:05:05
11-06-03 Parenting Seminar Week 03 (23.803.11.26 09:54:49ArtistParenting Sem #3 11-6-03Album0:49:42
10-23-03 Parenting Seminar Week 01 ( 09:27:26ArtistLine In Track 01Album0:33:23
11-20-03 Parenting Seminar Week 05 (32.703.11.26 10:31:40ArtistParenting Sem. #5 11-20-03Album1:08:09
10-30-03 Parenting Seminar Week 02 (23.403.11.26 09:41:00ArtistParenting Sem. 10-30-03 #2Album0:48:48
02-08-04 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas16.604.03.14 08:05:37Community Baptist Church02-08-2004 PM Message (PastorMessages0:34:37
03-14-04 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas17.604.03.15 08:16:55Community Baptist03-14-04 Am Panic (ps 34)Messages0:36:45
02-08-04 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas15.004.03.14 07:49:20Community Baptist Chruch02-08-04 AM Titus 3:1-2Messages0:31:26
03-07-04 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas13.804.03.15 07:58:12Artist3/7/2004 PM Message (Pastor BiAlbum0:28:53
02-15-04 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas20.204.03.14 08:41:38Community Baptist Church2-15-04 PM Service (Pastor BilMessage0:42:11
03-07-04 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas15.904.03.14 09:58:02Community Baptist03-07-04 The Real Thing (micahMessages0:33:13
02-15-04 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas15.404.03.14 08:19:41Community Baptist02-15-03 Good/bad News (titusMessages0:32:10
09-28-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas16.603.10.04 16:48:28Community Baptist09-28-03 AM JonahMessages0:34:41 64S22
02-22-04 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas19.304.03.14 09:00:57Community Baptist02-22-04 AM Maturity (titus 3:Messages0:40:13
02-22-04 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas22.904.03.14 09:22:28Artist2-22-04 PM Creature TeachersAlbum0:47:51
06-15-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas15.103.06.15 17:33:44Pastor6-15-03 Pastor GasserCommunity Baptist0:31:33 64S22
09-14-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas17.003.10.04 08:49:29Community Baptist09-14-03 Jonah Ch 2Messages0:35:30
06-15-03 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas18.003.06.16 01:48:22Pastor Gasser6-15-03 Pastor, Pm MessageSermons0:37:41
09-14-03 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas15.003.10.04 15:46:03Community Baptist Church09-14-03 PM Message (Pastor BiServices0:31:24
07-20-03 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas12.403.07.21 01:49:56Community Baptist Church Of Hill07-20-2003 PM Message (PastorMessage0:26:02 64S22
07-20-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas19.003.07.20 17:33:32Community Baptist7-20-03 AmMessages0:39:42 64S22
10-12-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas17.903.11.26 11:20:19Community Baptist10-12-03 AM Eph. 4:1-16Messages0:37:20
10-05-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas15.503.11.26 10:47:47Community Baptist10-05-03 AM Jn. 1 DescipleshipMessages0:32:21
08-10-03 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas16.803.08.11 01:57:20Community Baptist08-10-03 Acts 23 Pastor GasserMessages0:35:01 64S22
07-27-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas 17:29:02Community Baptist Church Of Hill07-27-03 AM Message (Pastor BiMessages0:33:51
08-03-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas14.803.08.03 17:40:14Community Baptist Church08-03-03 AM Message (Pastor BiMessages0:31:01 64S22
07-06-03 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas13.503.07.07 01:49:04Community Baptist Church07-06-2003 PM Message (PastorMessages0:28:12
06-08-03 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas 01:28:14Community Baptist Church Of Hill06-08-pm Message (Pastor BillRecordings0:17:12
08-17-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas14.003.08.17 17:43:04Community Baptist Church08-17-03 AM Message (Pastor BiMessages0:29:18 64S22
07-06-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas18.003.07.06 17:33:32Community Baptist Church07-06-2003 AM Message (PastorMessage0:37:40 64S22
09-07-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas15.403.10.04 08:09:54Community Baptist Church09-07-03 Jonah 1Services0:32:06
08-17-03 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas17.403.08.18 01:53:46Community Baptist Church08-17-03 PM Message (Pastor BiAlbum0:36:23
06-22-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas17.403.06.22 17:34:02Pastor Gasser6-22-03 AmSermons0:36:17
09-07-03 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas 08:20:14Artist09-07-03 PMAlbum0:19:16 64S22
09-21-03 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas16.903.10.04 16:05:01Community Baptist9-21-03 Am Pastor GasserMessages0:35:22
06-29-03 PM Message (Pastor Bill Gas18.303.06.30 02:09:16Artist06-29-2003 PM Message Pastor BAlbum0:38:14 64S22
05-23-04 AM Message (Pastor Bill Gas 1.704.07.04 15:07:11Community Baptist Church05-23-2004 AM Message (PastorMessages0:38:34
07-11-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G19.304.07.19 06:03:17Artist7-11-04Album0:40:19
07-04-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G19.604.07.19 05:47:01Artist07-04-2004 AM Message (PastorAlbum0:40:53
07-25-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G19.904.07.26 05:54:18ArtistPaster Bill Gasser 7-25-04Album0:41:32
07-18-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G21.104.07.19 06:27:29ArtistPastor Bill Gasser 7-18-04Album0:43:59
06-06-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G21.904.07.19 06:20:20Community Baptist Church06-06-2004 AM Message (PastorMessages0:45:45
06-06-2004 PM Message (Pastor Bill G12.904.07.19 06:31:38Community Baptist Church06-06-2004 PM Message (PastorMessages0:26:57 64S22
06-20-2004 PM Message (Pastor Bill G19.404.07.19 07:07:20ArtistLine In Track 02Album0:40:26
06-13-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G18.704.07.19 06:42:22Community Baptist Church06-13-2004 AM Message (PastorMessages0:39:04 64S22
08-08-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G17.404.08.09 00:53:06Artist08-08-04 AM MessageAlbum0:36:15 64S22
10-03-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G22.404.10.14 22:58:43ArtistPaster Bill Gasser 10-3-04Album0:46:45 64S22
09-05-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G18.504.10.15 00:20:35ArtistPasor Bill Gasser 9-5-04Album0:38:36
10-17-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G17.304.10.17 21:16:37Artist10-17-04 Pbg Am MessageAlbum0:36:10 64S22
10-10-2004 AM Message (Pastor Bill G21.304.10.14 23:23:48ArtistPaster Bill Gasser 10-10-04Album0:44:26

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