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Ecc040104.mp3 9.904.01.18 00:14:42Bill FinleyWise Men Still Seek Him (Matth2004Advent Series0:41:23 32M22
Ecc040111.mp3 00:52:54Bill FinleyContinuing Forward In Faith (C2004Individual Sermon0:33:22 32M22
Ecc040118.mp3 09:15:10Bill FinleyPursuing Justice Out Of Love (2004Individual Sermon0:34:25 32M22
Ecc040125.mp3 7.404.02.13 09:24:52Bill FinleyThe Power Behind The Expansion2004Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:31:14 32M22
Ecc040229.mp3 8.604.03.01 12:06:34Bill FinleyFollowing The Good Shepherd In2004Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:35:50 32M22
Ecc040215.mp3 7.804.02.29 11:41:52Bill FinleyThe Power Of The New Magic (Ac2004Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:32:32 32M22
Ecc040222.mp3 11:43:04Bill FinleyThe Price Of The New Magic (Ac2004Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:33:24 32M22
Ecc030921.mp3 9.503.09.22 09:40:40Bill FinleyAbraham: A Holy People Without2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:39:47 32M22
Ecc040321.mp3 7.304.03.30 11:03:58Bill FinleyWalking Through The Valley (22004Walking Through The Valley Of Vi0:30:46 32M22
Ecc040307.mp3 9.404.03.28 12:54:26Bill FinleyFollowing The Good Shepherd In2004Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:39:15 32M22
Ecc031012.mp312.403.10.27 05:22:20Bill FinleyDavid: A Holy Place Among A Ho2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:51:45 32M22
Ecc030601.mp311.003.06.02 08:58:58Bill FinleyBlessed Persecution (Acts 4:1-2003God's Expanding Glory In The Chu0:45:53 32M22
Ecc030608.mp3 8.703.06.09 09:55:46Bill FinleyBlessed Preaching (Acts 4:5-222003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:36:39 32M22
Ecc031019.mp310.903.10.28 11:31:34Bill FinleyConclusion: A Holy God Rejects2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:45:25 32M22
Ecc030622.mp311.203.06.24 09:23:20Bill FinleyBecoming A Barnabus People (Ac2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:46:54 32M22
Ecc030427.mp311.603.04.28 09:46:32Bill FinleyLove To Build On2003Building Our Lives Upon A Firm F0:48:41 32M22
Ecc030511.mp3 8.703.05.12 23:37:48Bill FinleyParenting (Deut. 6:1-8)2003Individual Message0:36:16 32M22
Ecc030914.mp3 9.303.09.22 09:45:02Bill FinleyDelighting In The Faith (Acts2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:38:49 32M22
Ecc030420.mp3 9.703.04.21 22:29:00Bill FinleyHope To Build Upon (Luke 7:11-2003Building Our Lives On A Firm Fou0:40:42 32M22
Ecc030413.mp311.803.04.15 11:29:00Bill FinleyFaith To Build On2003The Wise And Foolish Buildersecc030413.mp30:49:15 32M22
Ecc030928.mp3 08:51:08Bill FinleyJoseph: A Holy People Without2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:38:24 32M22
Ecc030907.mp3 7.903.09.12 08:06:46Bill FinleyOrganizing For Expansion (Acts2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:33:01 32M22
Ecc030824.mp311.503.08.30 02:08:58Bill FinleySpreading A Passion With Faith2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:48:16 32M22
Ecc030406.mp3 8.303.04.15 11:24:00Bill FinleyWords To Build On2003The Wise And Foolish Buildersecc030406.mp30:34:56 32M22
Ecc030817.mp310.303.08.24 04:25:50Bill FinleySpreading A Passion With Purit2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:43:12 32M22
Ecc030518.mp3 9.503.05.20 09:51:16Bill FinleyReaching The Nations Through P2003Raising Up Praise In The Latter0:39:52 32M22
Ecc030831.mp3 5.703.09.07 08:43:02Bill FinleySpreading A Passion With Wonde2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:23:53 32M22
Ecc030615.mp311.103.06.17 00:16:46Bill FinleyBlessed People (Acts 4:23-31)2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:46:17 32M22
Ecc030713.mp3 08:38:46Bill FinleyAvoiding The Way Of Ananias (A2003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:33:58 32M22
Ecc040606.mp3 08:46:04Bill FinleyA Royal Message Of Freedom (Lu2004Individual Sermon0:34:14 32M22
Ecc031026.mp311.203.10.27 10:01:22Bill FinleyDying For The Faith (Acts 7:542003Acts: God's Expanding Glory In T0:46:52 32M22
Ecc040620.mp3 08:54:22Bill FinleyParable Of The Prodigal Sons -2004Parables Of Grace0:29:37 32M22
Ecc040627.mp3 7.304.07.20 08:59:42Bill FinleyParable Of The Prodigal Sons -2004Parables Of Grace0:30:35 32M22
Ecc040704.mp3 8.404.07.20 08:58:08Bill FinleyParable Of The Two Debtors - P2004Parables Of Grace0:35:24 32M22
Ecc040711.mp3 7.604.07.20 09:04:36Bill FinleyParable Of The Two Debtors - P2004Parables Of Grace0:31:57 32M22

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